3 Tips on Writing a Letter to the Seller

Indian head park il realtor helps writing a letter to seller

Indian Head Park IL Realtor Shares Tips on Writing the Seller

Indian head park il realtor helps writing a letter to seller

When buying a home in a seller’s market the competition can be high. In this situation, buyers seek for ways to increase their chances of getting their offers accepted. One strategy is to write a letter to the seller. This can be an effective strategy if the conditions are right. Enjoy some tips on writing this letter from professional Indian Head Park IL REALTOR Kate Boyle.

Consider Your Audience

For the most part, this strategy does not work if the owner of the home is an investor. One observation as an Indian Head Park IL real estate agent is that investors typically are interested in what they can get for the home. Thus, a personal letter doesn’t go very far. If the seller is looking to flip the house, choose a different strategy to increase your chances of getting your offer accepted. However, if the seller has lived in the home for some time, writing a letter can be effective.

Allow Your Realtor to Work

It is appropriate and beneficial to allow your real estate agent to interact with the seller’s agent on all matters pertaining to the real estate process. Helping buyers as an Indian Head Park IL Realtor by communicating with the seller’s agent is part of offering quality service. Let your Realtor find out as much as they can about the seller. When you write your letter, consider the position of the seller. For example, if they raised their family in the home and have many memories and you intend to do the same, then you have a great point of connection. Selling a home is an emotional experience for many. One observation as a real estate agent in Indian Head Park IL is that the more you understand what it is like for the seller, the more heartfelt and considerate your letter will be.

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Be Observant

Another way to learn about the seller is to be observant when you visit the home. It is typically helpful for buyers when the seller removes personal art and decor from the home before showings, but this doesn’t always happen. In the case that you can observe how they have created a home in the house, look for connections. The goal is to understand them better. What is their motivation for selling? How are you able to help them reach their goals in putting their home on the market? These are great questions to ask before writing the letter to the seller. For more help buying your next home contact Indian Head Park IL Realtor Kate Boyle!


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