winter projects from real estate agent in indian head park il

Winter DIY Projects | Indian Head Park IL Real Estate Agent

winter projects from real estate agent in indian head park il

Most sellers don’t choose the winter months to sell their home. However, winter is a good time to get your house in good shape for the upcoming spring season. Those cold months can be used to get some much-needed projects done. So which ones should you tackle? Well, you are pretty much restricted to inside projects and it is good to focus on those that will matter most to potential buyers. Here are four DIY projects to consider during the winter from Indian Head Park real estate agent Kate Boyle.

Time for New Floors

Perhaps it is time for some new carpet in your living room. This will not only help when the time comes to sell your home, but it will add comfort to your home as well. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that new carpet requires some airing-out. You can ask the carpet installer to do this prior to installation or designate a day to let the cold in to make sure you aren’t breathing in anything that is toxic. Or perhaps you want to go with hardwood floors. This is very popular among buyers – especially those of the millennial generation. You might also consider installing heated floors as well. It will cost you more but may pay off when the time comes to sell.

Fresh Coat of Paint

Repainting is a common project to do before selling your home. This is an easy way to give any room a fresh look and feel. You might even want to do a little research into current interior design trends when choosing colors. In general, go with neutral colors like white, tan, or gray. However, using bold colors for trim and accent walls seems to be gaining in popularity as well. Consult your local real estate agent to learn about trends in your particular market.

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Focus on the Majors

The two rooms that get the most attention from buyers are the kitchen and the bathroom. Ask yourself if either of these rooms need an upgrade. By simply changing out the fixtures and hardware you can really freshen up a room. How does the grout look on the tile in the bathroom? Are there any ways you can implement space saving in the kitchen? What about replacing that backsplash? By focusing on improving these two rooms you have a greater chance of increasing the return on your home when you sell this spring.

Heating and Cooling

When it comes to improving your heating and cooling you can start with insulation. If the heat is escaping through your walls you’ll need to work on getting it updated. After securing new insulation look over your heating and cooling systems. For best practices, hire a professional. By investing in these systems you will not only be helping the sale of your home but will likely be saving on utility costs as well.

For more help preparing to sell your home contact Indian Head Realtor Kate Boyle today!

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