kitchen technology with la grange il real estate agent

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kitchen technology with la grange il real estate agent

The kitchen still tops the charts when it comes to buyer preferences. Given the number of millennials out there it is a good idea to think through ways to upgrade your kitchen to attract them. This means convenience and technology. Here are a few tech advances made for the kitchen outlined by La Grange IL Realtor Kate Boyle.

Sensors Galore

How about a sensor activated faucet for your kitchen? This can be a great way to save on water and impress those potential buyers. Millennials typically value, not only smart solutions, but also features that help the environment. As a La Grange IL real estate agent, helping sellers appeal to their target buyers is a quality service.

Another sensor related product that will add some convenience to your life is a thermometer that notifies you on your smartphone that the food is done. Imagine interacting with the guests at your party all the way up until the food is ready. No more hanging around in the kitchen. As a La Grange IL Realtor, another great way to make great food without having to tend to it all the time is a precision cooker. It cooks your food to the desired status and tells you when it is time to eat. Great!

Waking Up Well

Instead of waking up in the morning to an annoying alarm, how about to the aroma of your favorite cup of coffee? Smart technology can now make it so that the brewing of your coffee is scheduled to begin at a certain time in the morning. This can be controlled by your smartphone as well. You can then proceed to make breakfast, but before you do check your mobile device to make sure your eggs haven’t expired. These technologies may not help sell your home as these appliances will be going with you. However, they still add convenience to life and will impress buyers on visits.

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Bringing It All Together

Through the use of Amazon Echo you can incorporate many of these features. Imagine dimming the lights, turning on the heat in your home, hearing the weather, and even ordering dinner out all at your command. These types of technological advances offer people comfort and convenience at the sound of one’s voice. They can also be used to present your home at its best when marketing it to buyers. For help preparing your home to sell in or around La Grange IL, contact La Grange IL real estate agent Kate Boyle!

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