help with making an offer from la grange il real estate agent

Preparations for Submitting an Offer | La Grange IL Realtor

help with making an offer from la grange il real estate agent

Buying a home requires many steps making the services of a qualified real estate agent a significant investment. One step that necessitates careful attention is submitting an offer on a property. If this is not done according to certain standards your chances of getting the home could cease. Keep the following in mind from La Grange IL real estate agent Kate Boyle as you prepare to make your home purchase offer.

Two People to Talk To

Before making an offer on a home it is important that you talk with your real estate agent and your lender. There are many reasons for this. First, your real estate agent will be working through buying strategies on your behalf and needs to know the steps you are taking. They have knowledge and experience to perform the necessary tasks involved in a home purchase. Talk with your lender as well. Inquire about the time it will take to close on the home and ask about any other details you will need to include when making the offer.

Filling Out Documents

It is important that you fill out the documents related to making an offer correctly. If you put yourself as the buyer when you and your spouse are listed on the loan application you will face problems down the road. The purchase contract will also include information about the time it will take to make it through close. Remember that this process includes several things like an appraisal, approving seller disclosures, and inspections. Make sure that the amount of time you give is realistic and confirmed by your mortgage lender.

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Home Inspections

The purchase contract will also likely require you to identify the types of inspections you prefer. In addition to the appraisal that your lender will need, you can get a structural inspection, contractor inspection, and others. It is best to talk with your real estate agent about which ones are best for your specific situation. Having these questions answered before submitting your offer will not only expedite the process and prevent mistakes but will build trust with the seller as well.

Purchase Contract Checklist

There are many components to a purchase contract and your real estate agent will likely have examples to help with preparation. Here is a simple checklist of what to be ready for before filling out the paperwork:

  • Description of the property
  • Listing Price
  • Terms of the transaction
  • Closing date
  • Type of deed
  • Earnest Money Amount
  • How the taxes and utilities will be adjusted
  • Any contingencies
  • Who will pay for closing costs
  • Final walk-thru provision
  • Offer expiration date

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