selling a rental property tips from la grange il real estate agent

La Grange IL Realtor Rental Property Selling Tips

selling a rental property tips from la grange il real estate agent

Investing in real estate is growing in popularity as the market continues to strengthen. For many, this means buying a property for the purpose of renting it out. But what happens when the time comes to sell that property and you have tenants? This can be done well with a few good considerations. Think through some factors that will affect selling a rental property with La Grange IL real estate agent Kate Boyle.

Consider Motivations

It is just practical to consider that probability that your tenant does not have the same interest in selling your property as you do. Tenants can also be unpredictable. For these reasons, it is often a good idea to wait until the lease expires before selling the home. After they move out, make the needed renovations and repairs and put it on the market. One observation as a La Grange IL Realtor is that this is especially wise if your tenant has been unreasonable. This process can be a good one if handled with tact. The downside of waiting until the current tenant is gone is that you won’t be receiving that rent check for the few months that it takes to sell your home.

Communication is Key

In the case that you choose to sell the property while the tenants are still in it take care to communicate well. Helping sellers as a La Grange IL real estate agent means maintaining good relationships with everyone involved in the selling process. As you work towards selling the home, work towards maintaining a good relationship with the tenants as well. Refer to the terms of the lease and the boundaries of your agreement. Help them understand your position and listen to theirs as well. Allow time for them to find another house. In general, homes sell better when they are furnished, so by working with them, they will also be helping you to sell the home. It might be a good idea to offer to lower their rent for a couple months if possible. Helping sellers work through these types of dynamics is imperative as a real estate agent in La Grange IL.

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Refer to Your Agent

When selling your home it is worth it to use a professional real estate agent. A good Realtor will understand each step of the real estate process. When selling your rental property you will likely need to respond to unexpected events. It is for this reason that an agent will helpful. Rely on someone who knows how your decisions will affect other aspects of the transaction. For help selling your home contact La Grange IL real estate agent Kate Boyle!


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