decluttering with la grange il real estate agent

La Grange IL Real Estate Agent Decluttering Tips

decluttering with la grange il real estate agent

When preparing your home to sell it is important to get rid of the clutter. The challenge then becomes making the decision of what to keep and what to toss away. If you determine a standard with which to make this decision repeatedly, the job will take less time and likely be less stressful. Take advantage of these insights about what to toss when decluttering.


This is probably one of the areas that accumulates the most clutter. Before jumping into the mess, prepare yourself. It’s common to think that since you might use a particular item “one day” that it needs to stay. No doubt some items of clothing have memories attached to them. So what should go? First, determine to get rid of anything that no longer fits. Clothing with stains or tears should also go. If you are moving to an entirely different climate you can get rid of any clothing from seasons you won’t likely be experiencing in your new area.

Living Room

Before you list your home on the market it is a good idea to stage it well. The idea is to present your home in a way that is inviting to potential buyers and helps them envision living there. This may include changing the furniture around to reveal the space in a given room and to make a natural path of travel. When decluttering you can be sure to get rid of any furniture that is broken, ripped, stained, or simply outdated. You can donate them to a local second-hand shop or offer it to friends and family that might be in need.

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Toys and Crafts

Another set of items that you may be able to get rid of fairly easily are those toys, trinkets, and crafts that have been piling up. If the kids have outgrown certain toys, send them to other children that can use them. Crafts serve a wonderful purpose for a time, but how long can they be used? In order to prepare for a move and the new memories you will be building, it is alright to let go of some of the old ones.

The Garage

The garage is another space that tends to accumulate stuff. To declutter this space, start by tossing any lawn furniture that is broken or faded. Identify items that need to be fixed. If the cost of repair is close to that of replacement, consider tossing it. If you have items that you haven’t used in a year or so, consider donating it.

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