questions for la grange il real estate agents

Top Questions for Your La Grange IL Real Estate Agent

questions for la grange il real estate agents

The selling process is often like a foreign language to some home sellers. It is for this reason that hiring a qualified real estate agent is a great first step when selling. Yet, even with a good agent, there are a number of things that are beneficial to know about the selling process before you get started. Knowing the right questions to ask your agent will help gain the preliminary understanding to start things off well. Professional La Grange Realtor Kate Boyle has a few good questions to ask your agent in the beginning of the home selling journey.

What is a Strategic Price for My Home?

Determining a price for your home that accords with its value but will also attract buyers is a critical step when putting your home on the market. If the price is set too high your home can sit on the market for too long. In this scenario, buyers may begin to think that something is wrong with it. At that point, you will either have to take it off the market or lower the price. On the other hand, if the price is too low you may lose out on money overall. A good REALTOR will do the necessary research to find comparable sales in your area, as well as, other market analysis to help identify a strategic price.

What is an Estimated Time Till Offers Arrive?

Every local market is different. It is best to work with a real estate agent that knows your local area. This will improve the chances of getting the best deal for your home. For example, the amount of time it takes for offers to come from the day it is listed will depend on the status of your particular market, time of year, and other factors. If your Realtor has a pulse on the condition of your local housing market they will be able to give some indication about when offers may come.

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What Marketing Strategies Will Be Used?

Marketing a listing has changed greatly over the past twenty years. Putting up signs in the yard and hosting open houses are still beneficial, however, utilizing online platforms are important as well. Listing websites like Zillow and, social media posting, and networking with buyer agents all have their place when a real estate agent seeks to gain exposure. Inquire about the types of marketing your agent provides.

How Should I Go About Staging and Preparation?

Presentation can make a big difference when it comes to selling your home. The better prepared it is, the higher the chances of getting multiple offers. Ask your real estate agent how you should de-clutter, clean, and organize your home. Many agents are proficient in staging your home in such a way that engages potential buyers. They may also use professional photography to improve the online traffic to your listing.

What are the Best Means of Communication?

One last question to ask your real estate agent is the best way to communicate. Sellers oftentimes have many questions. There are also time sensitive requirements for both the homeowner and the agent. Does your agent typically use email, messaging, or calls? What are the best times to reach out? By having these logistics established in the beginning the selling process will go smoother for everyone.

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