Landscaping Ideas to Help Your Home Sell

Oak Brook IL realtor on landscaping to sell

Oak Brook IL Realtor Gives Landscaping Ideas to Sellers

Oak Brook IL realtor on landscaping to sell

It is important to present your home at its best before putting it on the market. Adding curb appeal can go a long way with that first impression. Exterior paint, minor repairs, and new fixtures typically come to mind. Don’t forget the landscaping, however. In some markets, a well-maintained landscape can add as much as ten percent to your home’s value. Here are a few landscaping ideas from Oak Brook IL real estate agent Kate Boyle.

Mulch It Up

For some reason when you add a fresh layer of mulch to your yard, the whole landscape comes alive. The various colors of the plants in your yard tend to stand out given the contrast of the mulch. Take a Saturday to spread it in all your flowerbeds and around bushes. Helping sellers to create a well-maintained feel for potential buyers is important as an Oak Brook IL Realtor.

Time for Color

Adding some colorful flowers to your landscape will significantly improve curb appeal. Planting annuals in flower beds can be done in a day with a relatively low cost. Consider coordinating the color of your exterior paint with the flowers for added appeal. Working with buyers as an Oak Brook IL real estate agent has shown that first impressions like this matter. Buyers will be thinking about what it will be like to live in the house. A warm, friendly, and inviting atmosphere can be set on the walk up to the front door.

Clean and Cut

It’s not a bad idea to rent a power-washer for a day to clean exterior surfaces, walkways, and the driveway. If you have vinyl siding, cleaning dirt, grime, and algae will go quickly with this powerful tool. After a good cleaning, maybe do some pruning of unkempt bushes or plants. Tidy up your yard by removing leaves, branches, etc. The goal is to create a clean, neat, and welcoming home.

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Watering Systems

Before opening up your home to visitors, check the watering system to make sure everything is functioning well. If something is leaking in this system, it may indicate to buyers that there are other plumbing issues. If you know of the visitation time of a potential buyer, water your plants and yard about thirty minutes before that arrive. This tells them that the landscaping is well maintained, which will reflect upon the care for the rest of the house as well. For more information on getting ready to sell, contact Oak Brook IL Realtor Kate Boyle today!



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