holiday decorating with western springs real estate agent

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holiday decorating with western springs real estate agent

Get ready for the holidays this year with some unique decoration ideas. Creating a winter wonderland in your home will increase that holiday spirit and inspire your family to make the most of the season. Professional Western Springs Realtor Kate Boyle provides a few holiday décor ideas that might be a bit off the beaten path, but will no doubt add to your holiday experience. If you are in the market to sell, unique holiday designs can also serve the purpose of helping those potential buyers to dream about what holidays might be like if they were living in your house.


Make a move from the typical evergreen wreath to something even more rustic like a wreath made completely out of pine cones. Add some white spray paint to give it a wintery frost-like look. You can also incorporate some holiday color with a few red poinsettia leaves. Another idea is to make a wreath that is interactive. For example, take some twigs or vines and form a circle. Put small rectangular shaped construction paper between the branches. Tie a marker to the wreath with some red yarn and ask guests to write on the paper things that they are thankful for this year. Not only does this add beauty to your home, but it also encourages holiday cheer.

Evergreen Everywhere

Evergreen plants and trees are great for decorating during the holidays. How about placing a few evergreen branches in clear glass (or plastic) jars to adorn the dining room table? Or combine several branches using fishing line to hang over the stairway banister. This can be placed around entryways as well to turn your home into a holiday adventure-land. Place a few red or silver ornaments within the evergreen branches for added appeal.

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The holidays are a great time to have people over for meals and gatherings. Make sure your dining room table is as inviting as possible with an engaging centerpiece. How about frosted candle holders with tea light candles surrounded by holiday greenery? Or top clear cylinder candle holders with Christmas tree bulbs or silver bells. Watch to see if these become a conversation piece when hosting for the holidays.

Light the Way

No holiday scene would be complete without some lights. White lights outlining the stairs or entryways is a good idea. Or perhaps place a whole strand inside a clear glass container and place it on top of a corner table with some evergreen branches around it. Another idea is to choose a spot on the opposite side of the tree for a wreath with white lights tucked within the branches. You can also do this with a wreath made of vines to brighten up the room.

Hanging Bulbs

Christmas tree ornaments and bulbs are not just for the tree anymore. Try hanging a group of bulbs on the chandelier or on the wall leading up the stairs to your second floor. Arrange them along the mantel as well. For a striking look, coordinate the color choice with the bulbs on the tree. Mix together red and silver and then hang groups of red bulbs in one area of the room and silver in another. Well placed candles will allow for light to reflect off the silver ornaments to create a dreamy holiday scene.

Whether you are staging during the holidays to sell or want to make your home a warm and inviting place to make some memories a little creativity can go a long way. For all your real estate needs contact one of the hardest working Western Springs IL real estate agents, Kate Boyle.

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