home automation with western springs realtor

Western Springs Realtor on Home Automation

home automation with western springs realtor

The explosion of technological capability has affected most, if not all, industries and the real estate market is no exception. Buyers are drawn to home automation as it makes life more convenient and comfortable. The millennial generation values technological function more than the generation before them making home automation upgrades a higher priority for sellers. Consider a few ways to upgrade your home with cutting-edge technology.

Why Home Automation?

The purpose of home automation is to utilize technology to network together with the systems in your home enabling you to have a convenient and comfortable lifestyle that you can control. You can set a schedule for starting your morning coffee, turning down the thermostat at night or after you leave for work in the morning. Get a notification about a storm that is coming your way from your smoke alarm system. By implementing technologies like these, establish schedules that conform to your daily routines, and networking them together you can increase the ease of your life and maximize your time as well. Buyers understand this and will value homes with these types of features.

Safety and Security

The use of cameras is common these days when it comes to security. You can view what is happening at your front door right from your phone. Some types of cameras can decipher between a person, object, or animal and notify you if something suspicious is happening. How about having the ability to lock and unlock your home when you aren’t there. Perhaps you have someone that comes over regularly for maintenance but you don’t want to give them keys. You can get locks that are controlled by an app.

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Technology that Saves

Home automation isn’t just for added comfort in your life. It can also save you money. For example, you can set a schedule for your thermostat so that it brings the temperature lower when you aren’t home. Or you can get a showerhead that notifies you when you’ve used a certain amount of water by changing the color of light that it emits. For cleaner air, you might consider an air filter that works with your heating and cooling system. It can monitor air flow and determine when to turn on or off.

Home Entertainment

Surround sound used to be the best we can expect when it comes to the audio of our home entertainment systems. How about having speakers in each room of your house that you can control from your smartphone? Listen to your favorite music as you move from room to room and turn it down in the kids’ bedrooms. You can also change the color of the lights in the room with an app on your phone. Go from an active daytime mood to a relaxing blue tone at night. The popular Amazon Echo allows you to get weather updates, order pizza, and control your home entertainment system simply by speaking.

Upgrading with home automation may very well be a common practice for sellers in the future. For help getting your home ready to sell contact real estate agent Kate Boyle.

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