Western Springs IL real estate agent on selling a luxury home

How to Sell A Luxury Home | Western Springs IL Realtor

Western Springs IL real estate agent on selling a luxury home

Selling a home is an intricate process requiring expertise. This only increases when selling luxury homes. There are key differences that make selling a luxury home unique from lower priced houses. It is important to attain the best market data and implement the right steps when selling a luxury home. Consider some of the following tips from Western Springs IL real estate agent Kate Boyle.


Determining the price of any home is probably the most important factor when selling. Pertaining to selling a luxury home, the highest price possible is not always the place best to start. This is a common error sellers can make. In order to attract buyers as soon as the house goes on the market, the price needs to be competitive. Keep in mind that it is common for a luxury home to be on the market longer than other houses. If it is priced well, this doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. In order to price the house accurately, your real estate agent should collect data about the condition of the market and find other luxury homes similar to yours that have recently sold. Serving as a Western Springs IL real estate agent means doing the right market research and knowing the current trends. If you are in or around the Chicago area, contact Western Springs IL Realtor Kate Boyle to help with your selling needs.

Presentation of a Luxury Home

It is true that over 90% of home buyers search online. This means that the online presentation of the luxury home must be excellent. Many real estate take photos of the home themselves; sometimes with nothing more than their smartphone. When selling a luxury home, this just will not do. This Western Springs IL Realtor suggests hiring a professional photographer. It is also a good idea to pay for video footage through the house, a virtual tour, and even drone footage if the exterior and surrounding area provide selling points. Be present when the photos are taken to ensure the best angles and to capture the amenities of the house.

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Marketing a Luxury Home

Many real estate agents utilize direct mailing as a way to market a property. This is still a good way to get exposure, however, the internet is the up and coming way to market. Does your real estate agent have their own website or blog? How will your luxury home be represented? Many potential buyers are looking for homes on their smartphones and tablets. Your house should be accessible on every platform, if possible. As a Western Springs real estate agent, using social media is also important when marketing a home. Your Realtor can take advantage by using many social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Path, etc). Facebook Ads are another avenue to market your luxury home. For more tips on selling luxury homes or to sell your home, contact Western Springs IL real estate agent Kate Boyle today!



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