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Whether you’re looking for the finest homes, or a charming downtown full of shopping and dining, Western Springs, IL may be the perfect place for you. Just a short train ride from Chicago, this commuter village boasts great schools and amenities. I would love to help you come home to Western Springs!


How should I choose a Western Springs IL real estate agent?

Choosing the right real estate agent is a critical decision.  You decide to put your Western Springs, IL home on the market, but the Western Springs Illinois Realtor is the one who actually sells it.  Selecting the right REALTOR can make the difference between your home selling quickly and profitably, or sitting idly on the market.

How do select a good or even great real estate agent?

Here are 4 questions you can ask before hiring a REALTOR.

  1. Whom do you represent?    Whether buying or selling a Western Springs IL home, you’ll want an agent who will look out for your best interests.  Some states, like Illinois, allow what’s known as “dual agency.”  This is when an agent can represent both a home buyer and a home seller in the same transaction.  By representing both sides, the agent can only give limited advice to either party, or risk favoring one side over the other. Agents can also choose to act exclusively as either a buyer’s agent or a seller’s agent.  This limits the chance of a conflict of interest.
  2. When do you require a signed agreement?    At some point, the real estate agent you choose will require that you sign a buyer agreement.  This agreement states that you will agree to work exclusively with your agent for a set period of time.  Agreements can vary, but the normal length of time is about 90 days.
  3. What services will you provide?    You will want to make sure that you have a complete understanding of what services your Western Springs IL REALTOR will provide.  Some services fall under minimum requirements of your agent, others are value-added services that only some agents provide.  It is important for you and your real estate agent to have a mutual understanding. You will also want to discuss how often your Western Springs IL real estate agent will be in touch and how you communicate.  You may prefer a text or a phone call over email, so make sure that your agent understands how often and by what means you would like to be contacted.  Ask your Western Springs real estate agent if she has recommendations for local repairmen, lenders, financial institutions, or any other service provider you may need for a home.
  4. How will you get paid? In most cases, the seller covers the real estate agent fees.  However, on occasion, you may be responsible for the buyer’s agent commission.  Make sure you know how your real estate agent will be paid.

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